Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Animals are a personal heaven

Yesterday we lost our precious goat Oreo.  I'm actually out of town right now working which doesn't make this any easier.  Poor girl had been sick for about 3 weeks now and we had made the decision that if she was still in the same condition when I came home we'd put her down.
I'll be honest I cried for a good while yesterday, too some people she was just a goat but too me she was my child, my goat child.  I had picked her and sunday up from the stockyards as tiny baby goats not quite a year ago.  We bottle fed them both and they even lived in the house for a short period of time when it got really cold outside.  Oh but they loved the showbarn, they loved to play with the calves and run and jump.  She even thought she was a dog at sometimes I do believe.  She would try to herd the cattle up and out when it was time.  I can't help but sit here and cry as I write this. 
I am very lucky that I still have precious sunday but I'm very sad for her too as she's lost her best friend and sister.  Now we already have plans on getting another goat as soon as I get home as a buddy for miss sunday but I know it will never replace our oreo.
Now to the non animal person this would just sound plain crazy talking about an animal as if it was your own child.  But when you tend to god's creatures they do become your childern.  I believe in god full heartly and I know he is waiting for me in heaven along with many loved ones I've lost both in animal and human form.  If you don't know me personally I've attended my fair share of funerals these past couple of years and I would gladly be happy to retire the black attire, but I know that god has a reason for death as he does life it's all in his master plan, including my poor oreo.  Some people say that animals don't go to heaven they have no soul that it's only a people heaven.  I don't believe them at all, god created us all equal and I believe that in animal form as well as human form, you can't look an animal in the eyes and tell me it doesn't have a soul.  So when it's my time I won't be sad I'll be happy because I know my oreo and all my loved ones will be there welcoming me with open arms, paws and hooves :)

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