Monday, February 15, 2010

Bella the cow and her trick partner Sunday the goat!

This winter has been unusally long and hard with lots of snow and my least favorite MUD!  Our goats have been taking it the worst of any of the animals as they hate to get dirty, they tip toe around the mud and run around it as much as possible.  We have our one donor  Bella here at our house along with our replacements, unfortunately Bella doesn't produce naturally and just flushes for us, so we keep her around with the replacements so she isn't in heat around the heavy preggers.  Well as you can imagine she is rather large since she doesn't raise a calf.  I don't know if Bella is jealious of the other cows and their calves or what but I do believe she has decided to adopt our goat sunday as her own!  I started noticing sunday and oreo crawling up on Bella's back and sleeping or playing a round of king of the hill on Bella!  As you can imagine this is quite a hillarious site!  Well now they have taken the cake!  Bella now escorts miss sunday around the pasture on her back!!  We live on the main road and you wouldn't believe the cars slowing down to see our little circus act!!  But now poor Sunday no longer has to trudge around in the mud!!

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