Sunday, February 14, 2010

Marriage counseling farmer style!

My fiance Andy was not born on a farm, in fact he grew up in town!!  So needless to say our relationship has been a eye opening experince.  Obviously he loves the tractors and all the sunny weather summer work.  Now last winter we lived in a apartment on Main Street in Weston.  This fall we purchased our small piece of heaven here in Camden, half way between weston and the main farm in Sand Fork.  Right now we have 5 replacments, 2 broodmares, 2 goats,and 1 stallion!  That's just the outside critters, inside we have my cowdog (blue heeler) belle who just had 6 puppies and our three cats!!  Needless to say I'm a big time animal lover and can't stand to see one suffer.
Well this evening before my Valentine was planning to take me out to dinner.  I went out to feed the critters and notice our goat Oreo didn't show her normal bouncy self.  As I went to look for her I found her in the run-in shed not being her normal cheerful self :(  I'm the first to admit I'm not a goat expert so I was able to get ahold of my neighbors who are.  They gave Andy and I a shopping list of meds and we were off to Tractor Supply since it is sunday.  After spending a buck or two we made it back home just before dark.  Poor Oreo wouldn't even stand up for me to give her shots.  After to pouting to Andy about 3 minutes about how cold and miserable it would be out here tonight and we don't have a barn for them he let me bring the two goats into the basement :) 
I don't know if I told you or not but we have a really old farmhouse and in the back of the basement we have a old cellar room that is empty but has a door and a shoot vent.  I believe this would be the best place to put them and go grab a bad of shavings to put down and some food and water.
Needless to say the goats are a little confused and scared.
We are now sitting in our living room watching tv with puppies running around and goats yelling at us from underneath!  So this is the test of time, this is the test of a marriage is if my city boy can hang in our animal house with this old farm girl!!

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