Friday, February 19, 2010

Sleeping with the goats

On our farm we advertise that we raise cattle and performance horses, but from my last blog as you can see we have two nanny goats named oreo and sunday.   They are my babies I picked them up at the stockyards last spring as complete new borns in fact their dried umblical cords were still on!  As you can guess with some help from the family we bottle fed them and raised them with the cattle.  They are a complete joy!  You never know what these crazy girls will do.  Well when andy and I moved to our little farm here in camden we brought the goats too.  Of course they've settled right in by now and entertain the roadtravelers with their tricks ( I found random pics of sunday on bella's back on facebook from people I didn't know!)  But unfortunately we noticed about 3 days ago that oreo was a little "off" so we called the vet adn they said she had a type of worm so we doctored her for that, she still wasn't any better then wednesday night I noticed that the right side of her face was completely paralyzed poor girl can't move her lips or even blink her eyes now because of that, that particular eye has dried out and extremely inflamed :(  The final diagnoses was yesterday when she began circling!  She has circling diease so at least I was able to get her treated for the right thing, but we have her and her buddy Sunday moved into the house.  Doc said it'd take a couple of days before we could tell if she was gonna make it:(  So last night I cuddled up too poor oreo in the basement and rubbed her back until she fell asleep (cried a little in there too).  She made it through the night and seems to have slight improvement but idk if that's me with wishful thinking.  So please keep my baby oreo in your prayers.

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