Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bye Bye Camry you will be missed!

After being pulled out of the ditch for the umptenth time this week with all this snow we've been getting, I decided to trade in my camry hybrid for a truck!  I mean I've been fighting the decision for a while now and this was the decision maker.  Now your wondering why a good ol' american farm girl is drivin a camry? Let alone a hybrid??  Well when I bought the thing new in the fall of 07 I was traveling full time with my job and at the time they just remburst me mileage.  About 4 months after I traded for the camry the state got me my own vehicle a jeep grand cherokee, but I was determined to keep the hybrid because heck here at the farm we have 2 rangers and a dually so if I need a truck I could just go borrow one from the main farm.  As you know in Nov. we bought our new little farm here in camden Andy and I did.  My poor camry was in hauling overload then, poor thing was stuffed constinitly with feed, equipment, animals, etc.  Well when this snow finally hit the poor camry finally bit the dust.  Oh I will definitly miss the camry and the 50 miles to a gallon I got.  But o did I get a beautiful truck to replace it!  I will post pictures of the new vehicle later!

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