Friday, February 12, 2010


Disappointments...... theres a lot to be said about them.  I've had several in my life and they all really stink, I mean you get disappointed about a lot of things in life.  You have disappointments with government ( thought we were gonna end the war??), you have disappointments with your job ( I was sure they were gonna buy that heifer), but I believe the worst disappointments you get in life are with your friends and family, the ones you really care about, those are the ones that sting.  My whole life I've been set up with these kind of disappointments, I'm one of those types of people for some reason or another I put a lot of trust and faith in people for no reason at all.  I think it's my human nature that if I just met you and you told me you were gonna do something I would trust you to do it no matter how long I've known you.  Obviously I get burned a lot with this problem but no matter what I still believe in people and that it should be our human nature to be honest.  As you can probably guess right now my girls weekend got cancelled and no i'm not a spoil little girl that is pouting because she didn't get to go shopping all weekend.  I'm just upset, it's not like it was a spur of the moment decision or an idea that just popped up in my head.  We had planned this trip for quite a while, but yet people who are suppose to be my friends ended up cancelling last minute on me.  I guess I see it as a bigger deal then they do.  I started to wonder though if this was a sign for my upcoming wedding.   Was it going to be another disappointment in the long list of relationship failures I have had in my life??  I think this is why I'm such an animal lover, because to no extent they give me unconditional love and never disappoint me.  For those of you with animals I think you understand where I'm coming from.  I can be in the most horrible mood in the world yet I can walk over to the barn and sit and watch my cows for hours and it's the best medicine in the world for me.  I could probably pay a therapist thousands and thousands of dollars and they couldn't do for me what my cows do in about 10 minutes.  So even though my valentines day weekend has turned to bust and I really am starting to question some decisions I've made in my life.  I'm grateful for my animals because they never disappoint me.

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