Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Temple Grandin

So I have to tip my hat to HBO on this one.  I was so pumped for this movie, I had watched the trailers and thought this is awesome.  Let me tell you I wasn't even close!  Temple Grandin is this amazing woman that if I've accomplished a fourth of what she has in my life i will be truely blessed.   Thanks to her most of our modern day livestock practices exist and life is made so much easier.  The funny part is that we had no idea what a struggle it was for her to make these visions a reality.  Watching the movie I really could relate to her and some of her struggles especially at the feedlots.  I even have my own moment of acceptance I can remember working on a farm in Ohio.  We were there to get sale cattle ready, but at the moment we were working in the calving barn and they were having trouble with getting a calf out.  None of the men there could get it in position (the feet were back) I finally convinced them to let me try.  Not only was I able to get it in position ( My arms are a lot smaller then most mens so I can work them around in there a lot easier) me and my friend pulled it out.  I remember laying on the bottom of the chute with this monster of a calf laying on top of me as he popped out.  I remember looking up and all those men that were questioning me as a woman working there looking down at awe at what I was able to do!  I was talking to one of those men just a week or so ago as we stayed good friends and he recalled that moment and says he'll never forget it as long as he lives.  It's funny I do not think I'm any Temple Grandin but moments like those and others remind us that we are just as good as men and deserve their respect.  One of Temple's greatest feets is not only being a woman in the beef industry but over coming autism in spite of it all as well!  It's sad to think of what we did to people we didn't understand all those years ago.  It's scary to think that if Temple's mother had not been as forceful in her upbringing what might of happened or where we might be in todays industry.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart Mrs. Grandin for your strength.  Also thank you Temple for the inspiration you are and will always be!

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