Monday, March 1, 2010

Blizzard farming :(

Unfortunately I haven't been able to keep up with my blog as much as I would like over the week.  I was gone from sunday to thursday hosting a Ag Safety Days in the eastern panhandle.  I came home thursday night to a Blizzard, I'm not joking I'm not making this up over 3 days we got about 30 inches of snow!!  Fortunately I have the new truck which has made my traveling adventures much more easier.  Friday night my grandmother called me in the middle of it all saying she was having babies!  Now if it was anyone else I would tell them just call if you get into any problems, but with my grandmother it's another story.  I love this woman to death she's my idle but unfortunately she doesn't realize her own age anymore, or that she doesn't heal quite as quickly as she use to!!  Now we cull heavily for bad temperments for these reasons exactly, but even with the pets you just never know because they are experiencing a million different things and life is a little crazy at the moment.  So Andy and I packed up in the pickup and went to the farm!  We ended up having four babies in the blizzard and everyone was great and got up and ate on their own!  Driving home I enjoyed telling andy some of our old horrior stories of calving back in the day with the normal 120lb simmy calves!  I've attached a candid moment from one of those pulls!  Marge was lying on the bottom of the chute pulling while I was pulling so hard above her I had one foot on each hip of the cow pullin myself straightly horizontal over marge when the calf finally popped i was able to jump back missing marge but she got to cushion the big boys fall!!

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