Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Being a farmer isn't just a name....

Like many of you already know the state of West Virginia has been hit extremely hard this winter with record breaking snow falls.  In my life I can't ever remember a winter with this much snow.  This past friday right before this lastest storm hit ( well actually it was the begining of the storm) was our Ag Days at the Captiol.  It's a chance for wv agriculture to shine and show our representatives exactly how important we are to the state and this great nation.  I got a chance to talk to several farmers about the winter and how they were getting along with it, and let me say the talk wasn't pleasant.   It was the same sad story over and over again, lots of dead calves because of the snow, farmers not even being able to get to their cattle because of the weather, a lot of farmers running out of feed because the amount of calories these cattle are burning and because of poor cattle prices this last fall can't afford to buy anymore hay.  The buzz was also going on about had this weather had finally broke a lot of farmers, that the cattle markets would be flooded this spring with people selling out, not a good sign for high prices this spring either.  All this talk made me extremely sad and anger at the same time.  This lifestyle is the only thing most people know around here, it's our heart and soul.  I don't think a lot of America understands what we as farmers go through especially with all these negative ads from PETA and other organizations that are too dumb to actually grasp the concept of animal welfare.  I know that I take more pride and respect in my animals then I do most people and I put my heart and soul on the line for them everyday.  Just to be kicked in the gut by one farmer they found in millions that didn't take care of his.  I also know that if it weren't for myself and other farmers like me, our nation wouldn't have a leg to stand on, because we built this great nation and we are the American dream.  So next time you have a great meal or put warm clothes on your back take a moment to say a Prayer, a thank you for the american farmer because sometimes we don't think you care.


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  1. Great post. That is the awesome thing about farmers it takes a lot to get us down. I know that PETA and HSUS are throwing a lot of challenges our way, but we just need to keep telling the real story. People want/need to eat, and we'll be there providing for them.